New-Hire Calculator for Manufacturers


Posted: Aug 24, 2015

COSTOFAHIRE.COM: Free ROI Calculator for Manufacturers

Finding quality workers takes time and money. Training them up to your standards takes even more. Now consider what happens if you can't fill a position - or if a new hire doesn't meet your expectations or doesn't last. Not only do you have to start the recruiting process again but, in the meantime, you will likely pay overtime, increase use of staffing agencies, or simply reduce production until you are back to full strength.

Just released by The Manufacturing Institute, is a web-based ROI calculator for manufacturers. This new metric will help you pinpoint what it really costs for a new-hire and remain budget conscious in the recruitment and training process. It identifies expenses across human resources, training, recruiting, and operations.

It was created in partnership with the National Aviation Consortium,a U.S. Department of Labor grant and the Joyce Foundation. Get started at

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