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Leadership Skills for Lead People - 2 Day Series

Instructor: EANE Staff
Fee: $525.00

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Nov 07, 2018 8:30am - 4:30pm L003.181107SER Agawam, MA REGISTER NOW
Nov 29, 2018 8:30am - 4:30pm L003.181129SER Lincoln, RI REGISTER NOW


High performance organizations depend on employees called Team Leaders, Lead Workers, or Group Leaders more than ever before. These individuals may have limited authority, but great responsibility for producing results and making the “rubber meet the road” as far as productivity. High performance is achieved or not achieved by those they lead, so while the Team Leader may not have the power of management, they must possess the skills to effectively communicate, influence, set goals, manage time, and resolve conflicts. They also need to be able to improve the efficiency of their team through diagnosing problems and effectively training others.

This interactive two-day certification program will help ensure that your Team Leaders are well prepared to perform at a high level. Through group discussions, exercises, role-plays, and action planning, participants will develop the skills they need to succeed as a Team Leader, and better understand how to apply those skills to their specific workplace situations.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Leads, group leaders, work coordinators and assistant supervisors within any organization.

*PLEASE NOTE:  Participants must complete the Everything DiSC® Workplace Assessment prior to attending Day 1. 

Day 1: Leadership Skills for Lead People I

In the first day of this program Leads develop their leadership skills through hands-on participation and skill practice. Participants will increase their interpersonal skills by understanding and adapting to different behavioral styles of their team members. Participants will increase confidence and insight into leading their peers to meet goals. They will learn the core competencies for success and gain new perspective about their responsibilities.

Learning Objectives:

• Learn how to communicate and work with different personalities and behavioral styles

• Learn how your behavioral style affects others

• Define and understand management’s expectations

• Identify the characteristics of effective leaders

• Learn how to build credibility, trust and acceptance

• Learn key communication skills


• Communicating

• Self-Knowledge

• Leadership Presence

Day 2: Leadership Skills for Lead People II

The second day of this program explores the unique challenges faced by employees who lead and give direction to their co-workers. Typically, these lead employees have increased responsibility coupled with limited authority and perform similar duties as those they guide and influence. Participants will learn tactics for giving feedback and how to deal with conflict in a productive, effective way.

Learning Objectives:

• Practice effective feedback and training techniques

• Learn what to do when conflict happens

• Learn how to manage conflicts


• Assertiveness

• Influencing Others

• Conflict Management

***2018 DATES***

Agawam, MA

Nov 7th and 14th

Wallingford, CT 

Sept 12th and 19th

Lincoln, RI 

Nov 29th and Dec 6th

HRCI & SHRM Credits: 13.0 for complete series