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RI Reasonable Suspicion Panel

Instructor: Susan Breen
Fee: $FREE

In the Weeds: A Deep Dive Into Marijuana Users in the Modern Workplace

Rhode Island is among twenty-eight states (and the District of Columbia) who have passed medical marijuana laws. Eight more states, including neighboring Massachusetts, have legalized recreational use. Marijuana use remains illegal at the federal level.  Rhode Island is still analyzing the potential legal and fiscal impacts of full legalization on the Ocean State.

Join EANE and Duffy & Sweeney for this informative panel discussion on the various issues confronting HR professionals as they interact with applicants and employees who use marijuana, either medicinally or recreationally. We will open with a presentation about the state and federal legal landscape of marijuana legalization and the workplace, from Greg Tumolo of Duffy & Sweeney and Pam Thornton of EANE. Followed by a panel discussion to offer greater subject matter knowledge.

Our distinguished panel will include:

  • Dan Connors - Duffy & Sweeney Government Strategies Attorney (Former State Senator for Cumberland)
  • Dave Chenevert - Rhode Island Manufacturers Association
  • Sarah Bratko - Rhode Island Hospitality Association
  • Chris Maxwell - Rhode Island Trucking Association
  • Glen Miller - Coastline EAP
  • Christine Cunneen - Hire Image


Our panel discussion will touch upon the following topics:

  • The rights and protections that registered medical marijuana users have in RI.
  • The potential economic impacts on our local economy.
  • Tips for recognizing impairment in the workplace.
  • Our present state of employee drug testing for marijuana.

Thank you to our generous event sponsors, Coastline EAP, Hire Image and RI Temps.