Benchmark Surveys

Our 2017 Southern New England Compensation Survey Results are now available!

Our major benchmark survey covering over 300 exempt and non-exempt level positions, the Southern New England Compensation survey is one of the preeminent regional survey available with breakouts by industry, company size and geographic region.

The 2017 National Executive Compensation Survey Results are now available!

Spanning positions at the executive level, the National Executive Compensation Survey is a collaborative effort on the part of 14 Employer Association groups nationwide.  The report provides key benchmark data on 47 benchmark positions with breakouts by gross sales volume, employment size, industry and geographic area.  In addition to reporting on base compensation, the report also summarizes data for a variety of benefits, variable pay and other bonuses compensation.

Our 2017 - 2018 National Policies & Benefits Survey Results are now available!

The survey was a cumulative effort among 12 Employer Association Groups; representing 1,595 organization that took part in this survey.  The survey results provide insight on such key topics as health and welfare benefits, retirement benefits, pay practices, paid time off and working conditions and much more!

December News: Our survey results are in ... from the 2017 National Business Trends Survey. See full data here.

Our annual round-up of benchmark surveys that take place throughout the year address wage and salary, executive compensation, workplace policies, budgets and more … all covering a variety of industries that represent our member companies. Many of our surveys are open to EANE members using the Survey Monkey tool; they are available and compiled online with options to participate in one sitting or return at a later time to complete your information.

To view our survey calendar for 2017 - click here.

National Sales Compensation Survey

A productive and competent sales force is the secret for your company to stay ahead in today's competitive business world. Are you attracting and retaining the best sales personnel for your company? Are you paying enough for these valuable members of your organization or are you behind the market? 

Find out where you stand with the 2016 National Sales Compensation Survey. With over 100 pages of valuable information of local and national data from over 875 participants on such important topics as base salary, commissions, bonuses, incentive pay, expense reimbursement practices, company-provided vehicles and more, this is most comprehensive survey of its kind.

Members are invited to participate in this survey  via email with unique/company-specific login information.  If you would like to take part, contact Mark Adams.

Collaborative Surveys Throughout The Year

We participate in collaborative surveys such as the National Executive Compensation Survey, which includes close to 50 key benchmark positions in such areas as finance, HR, engineering and manufacturing, not-for-profit, and sales and marketing. (It is considered by many to be among the best studies available of executive compensation practices.).  

Other surveys currently underway include:

2017 Insurance & Benefits Survey – EXTENDED until August 11th!

This survey covers health insurance, dental, vision, retirement and other benefits.  Given the demand for this key benchmark information and in response to member feedback, we have decided to extend our 2017 Insurance & Benefits Survey data collection window until a final deadline of Friday, August 11th

Click here to take part in the 2017 Insurance & Benefits Survey

2017-2018 Salary Budget Survey – Now Underway - Due August 18th!

What are people giving for increases?  2.0%?  2.5%?  3.0%?  Also known to some as the "Wage Trends Survey", the 2017-2018 Salary Budget Survey seeks feedback on pay adjustments that have been made during the July 2016/June 2017 period as well as projecting what is being given to employees during the July 2017/June 2018 period. 

Click here to take part in the 2017-2018 Salary Budget Survey.

2017 Labor Grade Rate Range Survey – Now Underway – Due August 18th!

Are you using the National Position Evaluation Plan?  If so, then this survey is open and exclusive to you as a user of that system!  This survey gauges pay by grade levels of users of that system only.

If you use the NPEP grading system – click here to participate today.

[Note:  If you use another grading system (such as Hay), or do not have a grading system at all, please omit this survey.]

2017-2018 National Sales Compensation Survey – Due August 25th!

This survey provides a comprehensive assessment of base and variable compensation practices for sales positions. Custom links unique to each invitee were previously issued to members.  If you need us to resend your particular login information for this survey, please contact me via email at

The end-result: valuable statistical information, often including local, regional and national comparisons.

National Business-Trends Survey

Results from this comprehensive survey of 1,270 organizations covering all 50 U.S. states indicate that executives remain optimistic for 2017, are confident they will award pay increases, will provide a heightened emphasis on recruiting, and plan to increase training budgets that focus on developing their existing employees. See summary of national data here.

 EANE members who participate receive comprehensive data-driven reports at no charge. Depending on the size of the survey, EANE members may receive multi-tiered breakouts of data-by-question or a simple, aggregated report. We often provide webinars or HOTLINE advice to focus on the most compelling findings and deliver guidance to analyze and interpret data to both evaluate current workplace policies and to achieve best practices.  *To purchase a survey please call Mark Adams at 877-662-6444 or email him at

To learn more, contact Mark Adams at 877-662-6444 or via e-mail at