Business Writing Excellence - Wallingford, CT

October 10, 2018 | 8:30 am - 4:30 pm | Wallingford, CT

We live in a wasteland of carelessly written, unclear, rude, and incomplete e-mails, proposals, letters, and reports. This crisis in written communication harms performance and even derails careers.

Whether it be writing an important memo to a customer, an internal e-mail to your staff, or simply a note to a colleague, business writing is an important part of communication and poor written communication harms performance and can even derail careers. This one-day workshop focuses on building business writing excellence. 

Participants will learn the ingredients for effective business writing including: basic grammar, commonly misspelled and misused words and terms, etiquette and the virtue of brevity, editing and proofreading. The workshop also dedicates a generous portion of time to achieving the application of a clear and successful business writing style.

Participants will review samples of effective and ineffective e-mail memos and letters with an emphasis on best practices. Participants will also perform frequent hands-on activities, practicing the principles covered in the workshop.

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