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Train the Trainer - On-the-Job Training Techniques

Instructor: Marge Stepansky
Fee: $275.00

Mastery of skills does not often translate into the ability to transfer that skill to another individual. Yet, the ability to train and to learn effectively is not just a "nice to have" skill.  It is imperative for organizational growth in efficiency and effectiveness. This is an intensive program which examines the process to understand the learner, use a step-by-step training model, and avoid the common pitfalls of knowing something "too well."  Each participant conducts a mini training session on a job-related task in the actual work environment (where possible.) A follow up critique will assess their skill level as a trainer and provide feedback on areas for improvement.

Target Audience
Individuals responsible for training others on-the-job.

Learning Objectives
• Understanding the role of a trainer
• Understand the natural learning curve for all trainees
Learn the value and methods to identify baseline knowledge, skills, and attitude of a new learner
• Examine a five-step training model
• Conduct a mini training session on a job-related task using a four-step systematic training process
• Receive a comprehensive critique on your training techniques


• Giving Feedback
• Organizing
• Patience

HRCI & SHRM Credits: 6.5