A well-designed, equitable and legally defensible compensation plan is an essential tool for organizations of any size, especially as businesses compete for talent in today's competitive market.  Accordingly, your compensation plan must help your organization attract, retain, reward and recognize employees while, aligning with your philosophy and mission, business objectives, and fiscal capabilities. Our compensation professionals have the skills, experience and knowledge to help you develop practical compensation plans that support your business operations. 

Our compensation services include:

Base Compensation, Pay Grades, Salary Administration Guidelines

Appropriate base compensation levels help attract and retain high caliber employees while supporting the objectives of a fair, equitable, and defensible pay program. We help companies develop effective base compensation programs by:

• Establishing market pricing for all of your jobs or segments of jobs to assess the competitiveness of your salaries.

• Applying EANE’s job evaluation system to internally classify jobs, develop a job hierarchy, and ensure internal equity.

• Developing a comprehensive base compensation program including a salary grade structure, merit matrices, and salary administration guidelines and communication tools.

Incentive Plans

An effective incentive plan aligns employees’ day-to-day responsibilities and actions with the achievement of key business results. EANE works with you to design new incentive plans or assess the effectiveness of existing plans for all employees, management, or specific work teams.

FLSA Reviews & Management Training

EANE can assist you in evaluating your job descriptions for clarity, content, and appropriate Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) classification.

Wage, Salary, and Benefit Surveys

Members who participate in EANE salary and benefit surveys receive the survey reports free. Use empirical data to ensure your company is not overpaying or underpaying employees 

Compensation and Benefits Conference

Every year, our compensation and benefits conference brings together experts to share their knowledge and acumen in a day that combines plenary and breakout sessions with case studies, discussions and networking.  Our participants find insight into strategies that drive growth and efficiency in today’s competitive business environment. This year's conference is scheduled for Thursday, July 18, 2019. Click here to register before June 17 to get the Early Bird registration rate.

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