Employee Handbooks

An essential part of any successful business is a trusting but professional relationship between the employer and the employee.  Employee handbooks should be informative and reflect expectations - but be flexible to meet company needs as the business environment changes.

Sometimes, a company is too focused on legally mandated benefits; it might write a policy to hold itself to a higher standard but the law does not need thos stringent requirements. Other times, we work with companies to ensure handbooks are not restrictive or contractual in scope.

Scalable Services

At EANE, our professionals understand the critical role the employee handbook can play in an organization, often as the cornerstone of a company’s philosophies and day-to-day infrastructure. We review or create your handbook, providing you with updated information and useful suggestions from both the legal and HR perspectives. We work with you, step-by-step, to incorporate your current policies, procedures and expectations combined with insight into best-practices in the ever-changing areas such as discrimination, absence management, performance management, onboarding, compensation and more.

EANE reviews employee handbooks from top to bottom or, in some cases, just selected policies. EANE services are scalable to meet member needs.