Engagement Surveys

Whether your company is trying to improve communication between individuals and teams, gauge morale after a merger or downsizing, or obtain feedback on programs and policies, our customized engagement surveys gather employee feedback via a core set of questions, options for narrative responses and special areas of focus.

We compile, analyze and benchmark information about your organization, providing perspective on noteworthy findings and significant gaps.  We deliver reports with recommendations specific to your workplace and often create a specific action plan to build upon your strengths and address the weak spots.

We understand that measuring factors such as your employees' engagement against industry standards is critical in the fast-paced business marketplace, both for your employees and your business. Many of our members use our engagement surveys to drive performance and support bottom-line expenditures.

To learn more, search our site or contact Meredith Wise at 877-662-6444 or via e-mail at mwise@EANE.org