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English for Speakers of Other Languages


Born in Guatemala, Jonas Barrientos graduated from Westfield State University and then earned his Teacher's Certificate in TESOL (Teachers for Speakers of Other Languages) from International Language Institute. His philosophy and teaching style is quite simple...every one of his sessions is customized to fit the needs of each student. Using the total immersion approach, he encourages students to think in English. When they talk about everyday behaviors, problems, work experiences and challenges they face adjusting to living in the U.S., Jonas identifies the areas of struggle. These include: parts of the English grammar, forming a question, even pronunciation.  Students learn in an environment of support and trust.

The goals are realistic and practical: help students be more employable, independent and retain their dignity by learning to speak, write, understand and listen in English. Classes are organized by level: beginner, intermediate and advanced with a maximum of 10 participants per 2-hour session.  A series can run for 14 weeks with 2 classes per week,  or for 28 weeks with 1 class per week.

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A graduate of Clark University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Government/ International Relations and Spanish, Ruth Nawrocki has 18 years of experience teaching ESOL. Ruth believes that language confidence opens the door for more learning.. Her student-centered classes are based around topics of interest that incorporate vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation in a natural, low-stress environment. Ruth focuses her classroom studies around Next-Level English; Gear-Up Grammar; Fluent, Flexible, Ready: English Conversation for Expanding Productivity; Effective Speaking: Pronunciation and Enunciation for Non-Native and Bi-lingual Speakers of English; Idiom Advantage; Vocabulary for Specific Purposes; and Writing for Specific Purposes.

"Ruth Nawrocki was my teacher in ESL and conversation classes.  Ruth was a very organized and knowledgeable teacher.  In our classes, there were students from different countries with different levels of English.   Ruth found an approach for each of us and her style of teaching was very good.  After her classes, I was able to obtain an Associate Degree diploma and then became a medical interpreter."  - Vladimir Tartakovsky                                                                                              

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