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The Manufacturing Alliance of Connecticut (MAC) is now part of EANE. MAC's roots and history include significant involvement in, advocacy for, and information about legislative initiatives which affect manufacturers in CT. EANE intends to expand the audience for this information to all EANE and MAC manufacturing members in CT.

On December 17th the second meeting of the Manufacturers Advisory Committee (MAC ) of Employers Association of the NorthEast  met in Waterbury with Brian Renstrom a partner at BlumShapiro.  Brian was referred to us by Richard “Fritz” Conway of Gaffney Bennett as a spokesperson for Connecticut Institute for the 21st Century (CT21). Founded in 1999, CT 21 is a non-partisan, non-profit organization of businesses and civic groups dedicated to identifying effective and efficient ways for the delivery of services by state and local government. Our discussions with Brian centered on 6 areas identified by CT 21 as areas for improvement in the state of Connecticut. Below are links to the summaries of the 6 reports discussed last week. 

Assessment of Connecticut's Correction Parole and Probation System
Assessment of Connecticut's Long Term Care System
Human Services Delivery System
Improving Delivery of Public Services
Pensions and Other Post Employment Benefits
The Strategic Use of Technology

See meeting summary from March 24, 2016 here
See meeting summary from October 27, 2015 here

Immediate Access to EANE HOTLINE

MAC members have immediate access to EANE’s HOTLINE staffed by six highly-skilled, human resource, business, and legal professionals with over 140 years of experience. The HOTLINE offers: options for resolving employee related challenges; benchmark compensation, benefits or employment-related practices; help with new policies, procedures, benefits or other employment-related initiatives; and feedback on forms, memos or correspondence pertaining to an employment-related issue.

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