EANE Hotline


Members receive unlimited access to our confidential consulting HOTLINE for answers to your immediate questions.

Our seasoned HR professionals answer thousands -- more than 12,000 each year -- of HOTLINE calls on a full spectrum of human resource, labor and employment, and management-centered issues such as leave-of-absence complexities and termination issues to retention, compensation and benefits.  HOTLINE calls often help members minimize risk, recognize situations that may pose a legal risk, improve employee engagement and implement best-practices.

"We use EANE's HOTLINE on a regular basis. I have always felt the answers to my questions were well-explained and supported with evidence. I appreciate that we are dealing with true professionals." Rich Ray, General Manager | Central Connecticut Cooperative Farmers Association | Manchester, CT

To learn more, contact Mark Adams at 877-662-6444 or via e-mail at madams@EANE.org.