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I-9 Form Resources and Video

Posted: Jan 30, 2017

With the new I-9 Form going into effect on January 22nd, we have received several questions from members on how to complete the form.  In response to these questions, EANE is happy to provide two resources for your benefit:

  • NEW – Educational Video:  This video provides an easy “how to” illustration and example of how to fill out an interactive I-9 form. To view a video on how to fill out the new I-9 form click here.
  • Recorded Webinar:  For those seeking more background on the requirements surrounding the I-9 Form, EANE has recorded an educational webinar as well.  To access this webinar – click here.

We hope you find these resources helpful as you continue to stay compliant.  Members with additional questions are welcome to contact the HOTLINE as well toll-free at (877) 662-6444.