Individual Coaching

Via coaching, counseling and mentoring, one-on-one support leads high achievers to improve job performance, underachievers to rectify performance problems, and average performers to obtain new skills. At EANE, we know it’s essential to motivate, not dictate, future actions. We offer customized coaching to guide executives, managers and supervisors to increase their capacity for outstanding performance. We help your team members formulate personal strategies for success, and provide the self-assurance they need to step out of their comfort zones.

Our professionals use counseling to rectify performance problems with underachievers, often undertaking a prescriptive approach that may involve confronting unacceptable performance and providing team members with the tools to correct it.  At EANE, we help you correct challenges in productivity or cooperation before that behavior becomes entrenched. We also work with individuals to facilitate mentoring for career advancement including different job roles and responsibilities, usually at a higher level.

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