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Internal Customer Service: The Key to Customer Satisfaction

Instructor: EANE Staff
Fee: $Onsite Training Program Only. Call for Details.

In today’s fast-changing and highly competitive business climate, offering excellent customer service has never been so important. But what about taking a different approach?  Has your organization tried looking inward to find the answers to offering great service? Organizations consist of an independent chain of individuals and functional units, each taking input from one another which ultimately impacts external customer service. If everyone within the organization works to provide the “internal” customers with better service, then the end customer will receive a much higher quality service in the long run. Focusing on your internal customers not only helps your organization to survive and prosper, but also has the added benefit of motivating your employees, meeting their needs and promoting a satisfying working environment for everyone.

Target Audience
Employees at all levels.

Learning Objectives
• Understand who are your internal customers and how to serve them better
• Increase levels of accountability to one another as coworkers
• Strengthen collaborative efforts versus competitive ones
• Learn how to build stronger organizational alignment towards the pursuit of company goals and external customer satisfaction

• Customer Service
• Customer Focus
• Work Relationship

On-site Training Program Only.  Call for details.