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Introduction to Lean Principles: Improving Productivity

Instructor: Paul Critchley, New England Lean Consulting
Fee: $275

This program will provide a practical basis of how Lean tools and process analysis (Value-added vs. Non-Value added, 7 Wastes, 5S, Standard Work) and the notion of Kaizen can transform a company or operation.

By the end of the course, participants will understand how to view processes through “Fresh Eyes” by employing the tools and techniques presented in the class curriculum.

Target Audience
Individuals who need to develop or enhance Lean knowledge and application.

Learning Objectives

  • Practice tools and techniques that outline process goals, deliverables and activities,
  • Learn how to use Lean tools and techniques to identify and eliminate waste,
  • Learn tools and techniques for monitoring key performance indicators: quality, cost and on-time delivery


  • Meeting customer requirements
  • Setting vision
  • Process management

HRCI & SHRM Credits: 6.5