Leadership Team

Our leadership team combines their strong human resource and business backgrounds with a forward-thinking management style. They shape the offerings and benefits for members based on the most compelling issues at the cutting edge of employment law and the ongoing challenges in the workplace. They seek to drive organizational success by engaging, retaining and attracting extraordinary people.

Meredith Wise, President

With more than twenty-five years of experience in HR management and over a decade as President of EANE, Meredith Wise spearheads the EANE mission, leading a staff of 20+ professionals with four offices in three states. She is known for her focus on employee engagement within companies and organizations.

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Mark Adams, Director of HR Solutions

Mark Adams leads the HR Solutions team, providing services to member companies and directing programs for affirmative action, background checking, and compensation... among others. Frequently handling real-time hotline questions, Mark is known for his ability to respond quickly and efficiently to member questions, synthesizing the facts and offering both a compelling legal perspective and the experience gleaned from two decades in the industry.

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Patti D’Amaddio, Director of Strategic HR Solutions

Patti D'Amaddio combines her fifteen years of experience in corporate HR with over a decade of experience at the Employers Association of the NorthEast and a master's degree in business administration and management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in her role on the HR services team for EANE.

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Allison Ebner, Director of Member Relations

Allison Ebner heads the EANE member relations initiative, working with the EANE team to define and identify the greatest needs of prospective members and, likewise, to fully engage current members in the programs and services that will generate the most value for their membership investment.

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Kevin Matheny, Controller

Kevin Matheny guides EANE with a combination of talent, technical knowledge, and business acumen in all reporting, operations, internal controls, and compliance areas. With a focus on maximizing revenues via budgeting and other strategic initiatives, he is known for his ability to manage costs through improved efficiencies and the elimination of redundancies. 

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John Henderson, Director of Learning & Development

John Henderson joined the EANE team as Director of Learning & Development in June 2017. John will lead a team to design, customize and schedule the diverse array of more than 500 substantive training programs presented by EANE each year for members and non-members.

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