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Managing Diverse Work Styles - ON-SITE ONLY

Instructor: EANE Staff
Fee: $Call For ONSITE Pricing

Program Is Available As A Full-day On-site Event ONLY!

We each think, act and are motivated in different ways. A management approach that worked well with one person may yield very different results with another. This program utilizes the DiSC model for understanding behavioral styles to help managers understand themselves, effectively read the needs of their staff, improve communication, adapt their approach and increase employee engagement.

Action Planning
In this workshop participants plan ways to leverage their strengths and develop strategies for adapting their style to increase their effectiveness in these key management areas:
Directing and Delegating
Creating a Motivating Environment
Developing Others
Working with Your Manager

Participants complete an online DiSC Management assessment prior to attending the workshop.

Benefits to the Organization

  • Create a more motivational climate
  • Enhance cooperation among all employees
  • Ease interpersonal frustration and conflict
  • Create a culture of acceptance around diverse interpersonal styles

Benefits to the Individual

  • Recognize behavioral style strengths and development needs
  • Learn to identify the behavioral styles of others
  • Learn the motivators and demotivators of each behavioral style
  • Recognize methods for adapting one's approach to facilitate harmonious relationships
  • Learn a better, simpler model to understand the complexity of human behavior