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Project Management for the Rest of Us ON-SITE ONLY

Instructor: Mike Schulde

Project Management for the Rest of Us (2-Day Series) teaches survival project management - the basics of planning and executing a successful project. Participants learn key ideas and techniques for each stage of a project and use simple templates to create a project charter, schedule, cost and time estimates and a final report. They also learn organization, meeting and communication skills critical to a successful project.

Target Audience

This certificate series is for any employee responsible for small- to medium-sized projects as part (but not all) of his or her job. Participants who complete both sessions will receive a certificate of completion.

Day 1: Project Management - The Technical Side

Project management is the practice of applying general management skills and supporting disciplines to organize and deploy resources in a way that effectively acomplishes project objectives.  The techniques presented in this program will provide project managers and practitioners with a step-by-step approach to developing a detailed project plan.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the key elements of a project and understand a 5-phase project management model
  • Practice tools and techniques to define project goals, deliverables and activities
  • Learn how to use network and sequence planning tools
  • Learn tools and techniques for monitoring core project parameters: quality, cost and time



  • Adaptability
  • Change Management
  • Communication


Day 2: Managing a Successful Team Project

How do you manage both sides of the project management equation -- the people and the process?  The ability to do both is what makes a successful project leader.  This program will give you the tools to achieve success.

Learning Objectives:

  • Complete a project management skills assessment
  • Develop a plan for managing a project team
  • Incorporate change management skills into project planning
  • Create a post-project effectiveness report


  • Change Management
  • Leading 
  • Process Management