Today’s talent searches take place in the midst of a dramatic skills gap in many industry sectors. Companies are seeing seasoned employees retiring and changing jobs while recent grads do not have the experience to fill those spots. A major challenge in today’s marketplace is not always the lack of people, but sometimes a lack of the right candidates. 

A Dedicated Approach. Affordable Services.

We know that HR professionals and business leaders often don’t have the time to conduct a thorough, focused candidate search, especially given the ever-changing and critical variables in the process. At EANE, our recruiting professionals offer affordable advice and perspective on trends in salaries and benefits, sought-after elements in job descriptions and positions, and proven strategies to publicize your search.

We understand the marketplace for finding talented people, whether it is for a manufacturing technician, a non-profit executive, or a professional mid-level manager or C-Suite executive. We know companies seek candidates with the right skill sets and competencies who fit into the workplace culture, hit the ground running, have a positive attitude, will contribute to process improvement, and beyond.

The Right Channels For Sourcing.

Our EANE recruiting professionals are local; we start the process with a face-to-face meeting. From there, we help organizations establish a compelling and concise job description, create an upbeat advertising message and find the right channels to attract potential employees.  

We source candidates through a variety of means including paid advertising, job fairs, online recruiting sites and social media. In some instances, we undertake the phone screening and initial interviewing for companies; we can even administer behavioral assessment tools to zero in on specific attributes. We help with background checks and on-boarding.

What Members Say.

"The professionals at EANE were very helpful to us in the recruiting and pre-screening of potential applicants for a new HR director position. We used EANE both as a resource, since we did not have the manpower to manage that process, and also for its expertise to find the right talent. We ultimately hired an excellent candidate." Gail T. Brown, Executive Director | New England Village | Pembroke, MA 
"We have used EANE in the recruiting of delivery drivers. Our company, J. Polep Distribution Services, is a regional wholesaler to convenience store and foodservice retailers in New England, PA, NY and NJ. The EANE recruiting team brought value to us via: 1) Placing ads, conducting phone interviews, meeting in-person with candidates and attending job fairs on our behalf; 2) Training our employees on recruiting techniques, making observations and offering suggestions on how we can be more effective "in house"; and 3) Providing us with  big-picture analysis of where we are, where we are going, how we are doing and what to expect." Jonathan Lasko, Director of Transportation | J. Polep Distribution Services | Chicopee, MA
"EANE was a valuable resource to PremaTech when our customer needs required a rapid expansion of our skilled workforce. EANE quickly assessed our needs and provided us with the professional services required. Additionally, we utilized EANE's background-screening and reference-review services, plus the always-available hotline. Without EANE it would have taken us much longer to meet the needs of our customers and sustain our business in the Worcester area." Kathleen V. Green, Human Resource Director | PremaTech Advanced Ceramics | Greensburg, PA
"With limited resources, our business was having trouble identifying candidates for openings in supervisory roles. I had full confidence in EANE's ability to source appropriate candidates, to filter them for me, and, ultimately, to provide feedback to validate my perceptions. EANE brought us a good pool of applicants; the process was timely and responsive with a positive consultative/collaborative approach." Rich Ray, General Manager | Central Connecticut Cooperative Farmers Association | Manchester, CT

To learn more about EANE's Recruiting Services, contact Patti D'Amaddio  at 877-662-6444 or via e-mail at