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EANE launched our Small Business Service (SBS) with made-to-order guidance and support for small, start-up and growing businesses with fewer than 20 employees plus access to many of our EANE offerings. Our SBS subscribers range from  non-profits in healthcare, education and the arts to for-profit companies engaged in medical device and precision metal manufacturing, agriculture, construction  and retail ... and beyond. We help small businesses stay abreast of the changing regulatory landscape and remain compliant, providing expertise regarding core information and documentation for creative, constructive, and consistent decision-making. 

Simple. Expandable. Flexible.

EANE appreciates that the needs of small business are vastly different than those of large organizations. "People Management" tools and systems for small businesses must be easy to use and to understand as well as responsive to the changing direction of the business. We offer straightforward, effective solutions to HR issues faced by small businesses, while ensuring the integrity and defensibility of those solutions. Every HR decision or policy counts. It's all about the right solutions, at the right time. In fact, effective HR guidance takes the burden off management, and may improve efficiences and reduce overhead costs.


  • a two-hour orientation including a comprehensive review of current HR practices
  • answers to management challenges via HOTLINE access with call-back guarantees within 24 hours
  • a three-hour employee handbook consultation  with an EANE professional using a proven template design
  • employment posters for state and federal compliance, updated as needed
  • quarterly newsletters and webinars, and online resources ... all customized for small businesses.
  • What Our Subscribers Say:

    "We first contacted EANE to learn what to do regarding an employment situation, both lawfully and conscientiously; we wanted to do the right thing. We know that for a reasonable fee per year, we get advice and concise info. We don't have to dig into knowing everything ourselves. We are not big enough to have our own HR resource and we get a much more professional level of advice from EANE than what we could afford with our own HR employee. It is a huge timesaver for a busy employer like me."
    Dominic Lydon, Owner-Father-Head Mechanic | Autobahn Service | Great Barrington, MA 

    "We had an employee who handled our HR function leave suddenly. EANE sent someone in right away who got up to speed and really assumed that responsibility, so the rest of us could continue to do what we do. EANE helped us identify areas of weakness and chip away at a punch list of things to improve. We now have a good infrastructure in place and will continue to check in with EANE to remain compliant. Most importantly, we know who to call if a critical issue arises."
    Brian Case, Managing Partner | Bradway Financial | Longmeadow, MA and West Hartford, CT 


    Fees for the Small Business Services include a one-time set-up charge of $695, plus a monthly subscriber fee of $45.00 (or $540.00 per year). To learn more, contact Allison Ebner at 877-662-6444 or via e-mail at or download an application here.

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