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Work Place Violence

Instructor: Safety Solution Consultants
Fee: $175.00

Because most workplace violence situations end before law enforcement arrives, it is important that your current emergency action plan include steps that should be taken in the event of a workplace violence situation or an assault. This presentation will provide you with tips on incorporating active shooter and other workplace violence scenarios into your current emergency action plan.

This presentation will assist you in answering and preparing for the following:

What are your internal areas of refuge for emergency situations?

Have you performed an internal threat or risk assessment?

What type of training should you provide for your specific operation - hands on, video?

Should we train our staff in “aggressive response” to a situation and, if not, what type(s) of training should we provide?

This presentation is provided by Milton Jacobs a Certified Safety Professional with over 24 years of experience in safety and public health. He has consulted numerous private and governmental organizations on safety and public health and has provided education and training for such entities as VITEMA/ Homeland Security, the Connecticut Business and Industry Association and many others. The presentation will also have a law enforcement guest speaker.

Call Michele Jackson @ 877-662-6444 ext 3004 for more details